Languages of Miara


The common language of living beings. It was first spoken by the Ancients, and has been passed down from them.

Other languages, besides Miaran, have been developed for various reasons.

Language of the Ancients

This language is known only the the Ancients.

The language’s vocabulary is so complex that the Miaran equivalent of many words can be measured in the number of decades which it would take to translate with minimal accuracy.


Elfen was invented by the Woodlanders during the First Era of Kings as an eloquent written script. It eventually became a vulgar tongue, and is spoken among Woodlanders as ubiquitously as Miaran.


Mountainspeak was invented by the Dwarfs during the Second Era of Kings out of utility: it consists of barking vowels and harsh consonants, and thus can be better heard across long, winding cave passages. It was eventually adopted by the Gnomes.


Wartongue was invented by Goblins during the Second Era of Kings as a code for use in battles. By giving commands in Wartongue, they could mask their strategies during battle. It eventually became a common tongue among Goblins, Trolls, and Devils—favoured in part due to its concise nature.

Languages of Miara

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