the Eras of Miara

the Era of Ancients

The world spirit Miara first birthed the Ancients. The Ancients were content with the world for a while: they settled many countries and invented the great arts. The Ancients ruled Miara for several thousand eons.

However, the Ancients were great people, both physically and astrally. They demanded great things of Miara, and eventually began to exhaust her natural resources.

the Era of Mortals

And so came the second creation, which saw the creation of mortals. Miara first birthed the Elfs and Fair Folk, to protect the forests. She then birthed the Hillsmen, to protect the mountains. She lastly birthed the Men, an adaptable being, to protect all else. The mortals were many times smaller than the gigantic Ancients, and were less demanding of the World.

The mortals were great in number and soon overthrew the Ancients’ rule. They settled great kingdoms, and thus began the First Era of Kings.

the First Era of Kings

The First Era spans the lineages of the first mortal kings, which lasted roughly 200 generations of Men. During this Era, three royal courts ruled over most of the mortals. These three courts were ruled by three kings:

  1. the Elf King
  2. the Hillsmen King
  3. King of Men

the Era of Warlords

The royal courts of the First Era ended in internal turmoil, and great civil war broke out among all three races. During this time, much of society war ruled by Warlords and self-proclaimed Chieftains.

Amongst the Hillfolk, many chose to stay behind in the hills while others perused the mineral treasures of mountains. The former, who were in agrarian life, became known as the Gnomes (though are still called Hillfolk); the latter, fascinated by invention and material grandiloquence, became known as the Dwarfs (though are colloqually referred to as Mountainfolk).

A third offshoot of the original Hillfolk, who migrated to the Mountains with Dwarfs, were corrupted by the Mountain Devil and made wicked. They became known as Goblins.

Amongst men, many migrated to Southern Miara. They became known as the Lowmen, and those who stayed behind became known as Highmen. Over time, cultural differences between the two races of men emerged.

The Warlord Era lasted 50 generations of Men. Eventually, matriarchal order emerged among most of the races.

the Second Era of Kings

The Second Era spans the lineages of the derived kings and queens, and continues unto contemporary times. The mortals of Miara are ruled over by several monarchs:

  1. the three Elf Kings
  2. the Dwarf King
  3. the Gnome King
  4. the Goblin Tyrant
  5. Kings of Men
    1. the King of the Northern Empire (King of Highmen)
    2. the King of the Southern Empire (King of Lowmen)

the Eras of Miara

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